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It is worthy of noting that in the future the situation will grow worse and naturally the demand for such products as the new product will increase.

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This is why to make the customers prefer the new product to any other similar products of the pharmaceutical industry in Australia, it is necessary to promote the product effectively. In fact, the promotion is one of the key conditions of the commercial success of the product. In the beginning, it is possible to recommend developing a large advertising campaign that would involve practically all media widely accessible to average Australian people.

Taking into consideration relatively low technological development of Australia, it is recommended to focus on such media as television, press, and Internet.

At the same time, the easy access of customers to this product is extremely important, and there are several reasons. In fact, it is quite logical because the new product does not need prescriptions and it is vital to inform customers about it as well as to emphasize the safety of this marketing management research paper. In this respect, it is possible to appeal to the large experience of the company in the pharmaceutical industry and to the fact that this product is recognized in many countries of the world and that many people are confident in reliability and efficiency of this product.

Naturally, such a promotional policy, should the confidence of local customers to the product and the company. However, the accessibility of the product is based on the widespread of information concerning the new product, its effects and advantages compared to competitors, means that potential customers can buy at any place where drugs are sold in the whole country.

This means that it is necessary to marketing management research paper up a wide network to sell the new product throughout the nation. Naturally, for the company that is entering the market, it is quite a difficult task. This is why it is possible to recommend cooperation with the local businesses who are directly linked to sales of such products as the new product that is supposed to get introduced.

Practically, it means that it is possible to cooperate with a vast network or networks of supermarkets that are popular in the country and are represented even in its most remote parts. The same policy may be used concerning the local pharmacies. Moreover, since the marketing management research paper industry is rapidly developing in Australia, it is even possible to recommend acquiring or merging with some of the local companies operating in the pharmaceutical market and having and well-developed network throughout the country.

Also, it seems to be quite efficient to organize retail sales in the largest cities of A term paper on drug abuse country so that the company could sell its product, at least on the retail scale, in all five governorates of Australia, being represented at least by one retail store in each prefecture. Gradually, it will be possible to build up its network but it is rather the future marketing management research paper that would be based on the existing needs while at the present moment there is no real need to invest in the development of a large network nationwide, at least on the first stages of the operation in the Australian market.

In all probability, it will be not very difficult because local producers who could sell similar products at lower prices are too weak for they do not have either technologies or sufficient share in the local market to compete with foreign companies that control the pharmaceutical market of the country.

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On the marketing management research paper hand, the prices of foreign competitors could hardly be substantially lower than the prices on the new product because they are produced, delivered and similarly distributed in Australia. In addition, marketing management must consider the nature of the competition in the marketplace to help determine whether or not a marketing effort is likely to be successful. Part of the strategic marketing effort is to decide how best to differentiate oneself from the competition and demonstrate that one’s product or service is superior to those offered by the competition.

Not only must one consider the nature of the competition in the marketplace, one must also consider the stage of the market or the industry life cycle when developing a marketing strategy. Some organizations are innovators, and proof reader online best when introducing a new product to the marketplace to gain the initial share of the market.

While other companies rush to take over some of the marketing management research paper share, innovating companies may be hard at work on another innovative product that can again reshape the demands of the marketing management research paper.

In addition, there how to structure a history research paper often strategic windows that affect an organization’s ability to successfully compete in the marketplace.

These are limited time periods during which there is an optimal fit between the needs of the marketplace and the competencies of the organization.

For example, typically only one company can gain a strategic advantage for being the first to market an innovative new product. The entire section is 3, words. Finally, the implementation of the marketing concept makes the company and its employees, working in this direction, progress since it provokes their analytical and creative abilities, provides an implementation of strategic decisions in practical life.

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The recent economic trends and its impact on implementation of Please find attached my resume and cover letter at different organizations Speaking about the recent trends in the economy, it is necessary to point out that they affect dramatically marketing and the marketing concept.

From beginning, it should be pointed out that marketing and the marketing concept are limited and they cannot overcome marketing borders while the contemporary economy shows its susceptibility from the influence of other factors that define the economic life of the marketing management research paper world and particular countries in recent years.

So, first all, it should be said that, as it has been just mentioned above, recent economic trends tend to overcome marketing borders and moreover it seems as if it interferes in other spheres of life.

What is meant here is the marketing management research paper that, being based on customers experience, the marketing concept is focused on customers needs, wants, habits, etc. Probably some explanations are needed here.

In fact, it is simply necessary to realize that there may be economic or market factors shaping customers needs and experience at large but there are also so to say external factors that derive from other spheres of life, for instance, cultural Deadlines for coursework and controlled assessment – AQA political.

There may be found a variety of such factors, for instance, cultural traditions of some communities may limit their consumption. If a food industry and food consumption were taken in terms of example it would be possible to say that for some cultures there are some limitation on consumption of certain types of food, for instance, Jewish community, which members cannot eat any food forbidden by their religious laws.

Naturally, they do not have any experience in consumption of any sort food and they would develop it if only they do not change their lifestyle at large.

It is also possible to speak about political aspect as a factor influencing the development of Marketing and overcoming borders of the marketing aspect. For instance, political conflicts may influence the situation in the market because some quotas or embargos may be implemented in relation to some products or services of some countries. An example of such country may be Iraq which used to suffer from international sanctions and many companies which could and really wanted to operate in this market have failed to do it because of economic sanctions which made the local population inexperienced in the consumption of the products and services suggested by these companies because did not have practically contacts with customers.

So, there was neither experience nor perspective of its development that means that in such a marketing management research paper marketing focused on customer experience would have a limited, if not to say no effect. Thus, it is obvious that approaches oriented on customers have their limitations related to the marketing aspect, which in fact may be the result of external, i.

Despite the relative popularity of the marketing concept, it is still quite arguable whether it is good or bad or more precisely whether it has more advantages than disadvantages. This is why it is necessary to analyze its marketing management research paper and negative sides and find out what are the pros and contras of Marketing and only after that it would be possible to make some concrete conclusions. Basically, primary advantages of the marketing concept have been already mentioned now it is necessary only summarize and critically evaluate them.

Ideally, marketing has to analyze firstly customer experience, needs and wants. And really it is very marketing management research paper to argue that the focus on customer related issues, a combination of the analytical and the creative, strategy and implementation, both external and internal effect are not advantages of the marketing concept. However, on the other hand, it is also important to realize that certain negation of other approaches can have a rather negative effect because they are also very important, for instance, customer relationship management or the concept of customer satisfaction.

Thus, it is obvious that the marketing concept, having a number of positive features, can face a strong opposition of those who are against such a revolution in marketing management research paper since other concepts that were used before marketing management research paper and obviously remain quite effective. On analyzing a theoretical aspect of the it would be logical to draw some examples of the companies which use it in their practice in the context of the recent economic trends.

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  • Based on the collection and analysis of data regarding the needs, wants, buying habits, and other characteristics of the target market, the marketing management team can then develop a marketing strategy that will best enable the organization to meet its marketing objectives.
  • In this respect, it is required to point out that the state is characterized by the high level of development, especially of highly technological industries, including pharmaceutical one.
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